9 Tips for Designing iOS Apps in 2023

Are you creating an IOS app design?

May 02, 2023

UI and UX are two critical factors developers should consider when creating an application for Android or IOS. If you don’t have an exceptional app design, the chances of your audience bouncing away are very high. Are you creating an IOS app design? Need secret sauce to create a solid IOS app design? Well, you have come to the right place. 

Designing an IOS application is challenging, and Apple’s strict guidelines can be a grain of salt in the wound. But don’t worry. In this article, we have rounded up nine tips for designing IOS apps in 2023 and beyond. 

Color is Important

Colors play a significant role in decision-making for human beings. According to Review 42, color can influence 90% of our initial influence. As an IOS designer, it’s vital to be careful with the color palette. The color you use in your application influences the user’s accessibility, experience, and usability. 

Our experts at iClickSee recommend using a minimalistic color that reflects your brand identity and logo. Don’t overthrow a lot of colors that distract your audience and compel them to bounce away.  

A great IOS app designer uses warmer colors compared to colder colors. Don’t forget to enrichen the contrast between your foreground and background color to make content visible and intuitive. 

Create an Excellent First Impression

“First impression is the last impression” the quote perfectly reflects how an audience responds to a website or mobile application. It takes a couple of seconds for your audience to bounce away if they are unhappy with your design.  

As an IOS app designer, colors, pixels, images, and attributes become prominent players to gravitate audience impressions. If you emphasize creating a top-notch design, the chances of converting your visitors to customers increases. A good app designer makes UI responsive, eye-catchy, and user-friendly to boost customers' trust. 

Create a Wireframe

A wireframe is the first place you want to start when creating an IOS application. A wireframe is an overview of any website and mobile application’s layout, structure, and intended behavior. 

Before jumping into coding or designing your mobile application, the IOS app design team needs to sketch their plan. You can use tons of powerful tools like Figma, Balsamiq, Moqups, and MockFlow to create a wireframe for your application. 

A wireframe is a great way to brainstorm your design process, which saves you time, effort, and budget. The IOS app design team must install a concept that helps the team to design exceptional mobile applications. 

Optimize Tappable Target Size

Keeping things in the user experience pocket, the size of the tappable buttons plays a crucial role. If a visitor is coming to your application, they should seamlessly navigate, scroll, and click. The IOS app design team needs to create tappable buttons throughout the application so that users can enjoy the experience. 

Apple has recommended a minimum tappable icon should be 44x44px in their Human Interface Guidelines. We would recommend biggering the size of CTA to ensure that customers' clicks don’t go wasted even if they misclick. 


The consistency in the IOS applications is a different story than the android application. Habits are something people hate to change. There are certain habits iPhone users have developed, and they don’t want to get rid of them. Many applications in the app store are standardized in terms of the header image, navigation menu, and icon positioning. 

The IOS app design team should not surprise iPhone users will new positioning or interface to negatively impact customers' behavior. Users love using an application that’s natural to them and hate unnecessary surprises. 

Stay consistent with the trend and give something unique to your visitors to keep them at bay. 

Use Animation to Optimize Engagement

Animation is a tricky thing to achieve in mobile applications. Good animation enhances customer engagement, whereas bad animation breaks down everything and deters customers away. 

Animation makes your application dynamic and engaging. You can create animation when customers click a button, slide products, or close your application. It gives your audience an out-of-the-box experience and creates a thirst to come back.  

However, elaborated animation can distract your customers. It’s critical to stay in your lane and overload your customers with too many visual cues.


Many IOS app design team spend their time and effort creating the best mobile application for the currently available version. As someone in a design and development team, you should keep a close eye on what’s coming soon and behind us. 

Everyone in your customer base uses something other than the latest iPhones and IOS versions. App development agencies and freelancers should consider compatibility with older IOS versions for future reference. Furthermore, you should design your app to ensure the update process is smoother when the new IOS version launches. 

Rules are Important but Not Necessary

The Human Interface Guidelines (HIG) is a great space where you can find resources to create applications and user interfaces. The guidelines help us understand the norms in the IOS development space and suggest components to use in the development phase.

For example, Apple suggests using San Francisco and  New York as their go-to typography. You can use them as your primary text case but experiment with other domains to see the feel of the design in your application. 

Learn to explore the guidelines and modify your ideas to achieve maximum results if necessary. 

Test, Test, and Test

Testing is a supreme phase of the designing process. Almost all designers and developers are aware of testing but stick to single devices, platforms, or versions. If you have multiple apple devices with multiple IOS versions in your office, test it on everything.  See if you can find any differences and look for loopholes to exploit. 

Send your team prototypes and ask for feedback to see if there is room for improvement. Even after the release of your application, don’t stop the testing process. Sometimes errors are hidden and only come out after release, which is a bummer but a reality. 

Designing an IOS application is fun and challenging. It requires persistence, simplicity, experience, and experimentation to achieve your desired outcome. Our amazing IOS app design team at iCkickSee has seen everything firsthand and shared the above insight to create a solid application. 

If you plan on building an Andriod or IOS application for your business, iClickSee is the best place to begin. You can reach out through our contact form or schedule a call to discuss your project.