iClickSee - is a full-stack provider of software to manage construction and engineering projects.

We offer custom construction software development services for your business, maximizing workforce productivity, planning in detail and accurately reporting on status.

Our industry experts are committed to ensuring the future success of our customers by providing best-in-class software solutions and industry expertise to prepare them for what’s next.

Construction software development

Our Expertise

Our construction management software solutions help better manage & grow construction business. At the same time, we are adaptable & customisable to your specific needs.

We provide a range of bespoke software development solutions to construction firms from start-ups to corporations.

Our team includes experienced technologists who transform businesses with cutting-edge and adaptable custom construction software solutions development that satisfies today’s demands.

Construction custom software development

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Data gathering and analysis

Get the most out of the top-end technology by collecting and analysing the data about current projects and site conditions.

You can plan your own operations smarter with integrated data analytics.

This way you can organise staff, direct plant and manage suppliers more effeciently.

Project data gathering

Management control

Use our management tools and proper planning in order to correctly manage and maintain your essential projects.

Manage timelines, staff, deliveries and payments.

Organise your project, messaging, documentation all in one place.

Construction management app