Quality assurance and testing your custom software development project

An essential part of your software development project

May 02, 2023

As a successful custom software development company, it is crucial to ensure the quality of the software we deliver to our clients. To achieve this, we follow best practices for quality assurance and testing in every project we undertake. Here's what we do and recommend you look out for.

One of the first steps we take is to assign a dedicated quality assurance engineer to the project. This engineer is responsible for developing and implementing a testing strategy that aligns with the client's business needs and ensures that the software meets the highest standards of quality. We ensure that our quality assurance engineer has a deep understanding of software development methodologies, testing frameworks, and automation tools. They have a strict process to follow and a list of tools for different custom software project types.

We also prioritise both manual and automated testing in our testing process. Manual testing is useful for testing user interfaces, usability, and compatibility with different devices and browsers, while automated testing is beneficial for repetitive tasks such as regression testing and load testing. We use automation tools to save time and effort and improve the accuracy and reliability of our tests.

To ensure that our tests cover all possible scenarios, we regularly update our automated tests to reflect changes in the software. We also prioritize testing activities based on the impact and likelihood of defects to ensure that we catch critical defects early in the development process.

Furthermore, we ensure that our testing environment is representative of the production environment to catch any defects that may not be present in a development environment. We also use defect tracking tools to ensure that defects are identified, prioritised, and resolved.

Testing really ultimately starts with the developer and ends with the project manager. We want to ensure that the whole team understands teh requirements. The quality assurance engineer ensures all scenarios are covered and act as a second line of defence against bugs and regresive bugs. However the sign of a good developer is that they thoroughly test the work. If work keeps coming back to you misunderstood or when one function or feature changes another breaks, this should serve as a big red flag.

In conclusion, as a successful custom software development company, we prioritise quality assurance and testing to deliver high-quality software to our clients. We ensure that our testing process aligns with the client's business needs and includes both manual and automated testing. We also regularly update our tests, prioritise testing activities, and use defect tracking tools to ensure that our software meets the highest standards of quality.