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Order management software

Custom ecommerce order management software

We helped scope, develop and deliver custom software dashboard and Shopify apps to manage our clients order pipeline across 5 different regions.

  • API integrations into Shopify, Xero, Stripe and Brandwise.
  • Automations tool
  • Powerful reporting dashboard
  • Email Alerts
4 Members
8 months

The team

We've had a team of backend engineers, QA, PM working on this project as its predominantly backend focussed.

The PM manages the team via Monday and the client via Trello.

We then have a QA test scenarios and also do negative testing to ensure all requirements are met.

Tech team

The product

We built an ecommerce integrations dashboard for the client, to help with order management, dispatch and billing.

We have integrations with Shopify, warehouse management (Cin7), Stripe, Xero and order placement systems like Pharos and Brandwise.

We've also added checks and balances to ensure data matches between the various different systems.

This enables the client to override any automated action if when needed and to quickly see where orders are in the customer journey.

We also added email notifications for any issues related to any of the automations.

Software product

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