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Book online tutor led martial arts classes - iBudokan and what challenges we overcame during the development process.

  • Branding
  • Redesign
3 Members
3 months

The result

The team at iBudokan came to us to help with a rebrand and redesign of their website.

We started by creating a tone of voice, moodboard and supplying logo concepts.

Once the initial tone of voice was agreed, we then went on to create 3 different designs based on that.

The designs incorporated very vibrant colours. Which is a common theme with a lot of fitness based platforms.

Marketplace software design

The product

iBudokan is an existing Laravel based marketplace.

Users can signup and get video tuition from expert instructors.

These lessons can be delivered in a few different formats, live tuition or prerecorded modules are available to the users.

These lessons then have additional functional requirements like ratings, payment and communication.

Marketplace software build

The team

We had a brand strategist and designer come up with the concepts.

We had a UI/UX designer audit the initial site to determine what was needed to improve the design of the current system.

Our PM managed the project from start to finish.

Logo design