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SEO SAAS applicatiion

Backend development, branding guidelines, UI/UX design

TrackYourBackLinks is an SEO SAAS application that tracks and manages companies backlink profiles. We built and managed the system from concept through to production.

  • Branding guidelines
  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Backend Development
5 Members
1 year

The result

This project is a technical implementation which connects to google to track and determine the status of a backlink on Google.

Corporate clients can add, track and manage large lists of backlinks to improve the overall SEO score of their websites.

The project presented multiple challenges, the biggest of which is how to manage automated pipelines for large datasets flexibly. When a new client comes on they can add 100's of 1000's of domains which should be processed quickly.

To achieve this we used scheduled batch processing and scaled up servers as and when needed.

The team

This project was mainly backend. So we had 2 backend developers working on this for the majority of the project.

Our PM and QA managed and over saw the quality of the product.

We then had design and frontend build a landing page and connect that to the app.

Technologies we used for this project